NFT Alert: Alert for a NFT's on-chain transactions. Alert content includes bulk transactions, bulk transfer, floor monitor, etc. Users can freely choose the alert amount and NFT.

[Alert Description]

Bulk transactions: An alert trigger when an NFT item has bulk transactions.

For example, if "bulk transactions" is selected as alert type, “BAYC” is selected as the NFT item, valid quantity set to 10, then an alert trigger when an address trades more than 10 BAYC in a single order.

Bulk Transfer: An alerttriggerwhen an NFT item has bulk transfer.

For example, if "bulktransfer" is selectedasalerttype,“BAYC”is selectedasthe NFT item,validquantityset to 10, then analert trigger whenanaddress transfersmorethan10BAYCin a single order.

Floor Monitor: When the floor of one item is lower/higher than the setting, the alert will be triggered.

For example, if "Floor Monitor" is selected for the alert content, "BAYC" is selected for the item, and the floor is set ≦10ETH, the alert will be triggered when the floor of BAYC is lower than 10ETH. After the first alert, the alert will trigger when BAYC floor hasevery 10% reduction.

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