*After setting the address alter, you can monitor the real-time data of the concerned addresses, and know the address dynamics at the first time. The alert content includes alert type, token name, quantity and price.

How to add new alerts?

Step 1. In the address page click “Add New Alert” then enters interface to set new alerts.

Step 2. You can choose the alert address, alert type, valid funds, and alert mode according to your needs.

*Alert address: You can only add addresses that you have followed, so please follow at least one address before setting an alert.

*Alert type: including first-time purchase, large purchase/sell, large-value transfer in/out, adding/reducing to position, and creating an address. You can choose one or more different types of alerts.

*Token: Alerts can be given for all tokens in the address or a single token. If there is no such token in the token list, you can select "Contract Address" and enter the contract address of the token to perform a single token alert.

*Valid Funds: Only when a certain amount greater than the set amount can trigger the alert. Since the valid fund of each alert is unique, you can set multiple warnings if there are needs.

*Alert mode: The default alert mode is browser notifications, you can add email/Telegram and other alert methods, which can be modified in the "alarm settings"

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