If you find enough Smart money addresses and set up early alters for tracking, you can get the whereabouts of Smart money funds at the first time, and it is easier to find investment opportunities. When a project skyrockets or becomes popular, check the address data of net purchases before the skyrocket, and you may be able to find the smart money we need.

How to find smart money address?

Step 1. Enter the token name in the search bar to search and select the corresponding currency for token analysis.

Step 2. Then look for "Net Buying Ranking" in the data analysis and click "View More" to view the complete ranking.

Step 3. In the "net buy ranking", use a filter to find the last 3 days or the last 7 days data. Then sort by net buying volume and their holding cost. The lower the cost, the more powerful they are. Click on the address, you can also view the address detailed analysis.

Establish and monitor the addresses suspected of smart money. If the other party can always sell when the token price is high and buy when the token price is low, then he has a high probability of being smart money. Then perform address analysis on the address. If he can buy multiple tokens at the lower price, and then sell them after skyrocketing, then the probability that the address is smart money is even greater.

After a comprehensive analysis of other data, a complete early alter setting is established for the address of Smart money, and when the other party buys new tokens for the first time, we will be able to obtain the information immediately.

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