1.Does DeFinder have a mobile app?

At present, DeFinder has no application in the App Store/Google Play, and can only be used in the Google browser of the computer with the authorization of the wallet. In the future, we will also support the use of DeFinder in mobile wallets, such as imToken, Token Pocket, Metamask, etc.

2.Will DeFinder add other public chain data such as BSC and Polygon? When will it be online?

DeFinder will gradually increase the data analysis related to other public chains such as BSC, Polygon, etc. Please follow our Twitter (@DefinderGlobal) for the latest information for the specific launch time. If your public chain has data analysis needs, you can also contact us directly (bd@definder.info).

3.Will DeFinder issue tokens or airdrops?

This is still to be determined, but there are no plans for this in the near future, please follow us on Twitter for the latest information.

4.Is DeFinder free to use?

Currently DeFinder is divided into two versions, Standard and VIP PRO, where the Standard version is free and allows basic analysis functions such as token analysis and address analysis, while the VIP PRO version requires payment to use and allows access to Smart money, combined address alerts, deep data analysis and other functions.

5.How does DeFinder guarantee the timeliness of the data?

In order to guarantee the timeliness of data, DeFinder has built our own ethereum clusters to synchronize the on-chain data, ensuring the real-time data update of transactions. In addition, DeFinder monitors clusters for 7*24h to ensure the safe and stable operation. Besides, DeFinder has a self-checking system to detect errors, which enables real-time update of basic data while updating statistical data every 1 hour and computational analysis data every 2 hours. In the future, we will further reduce the update time to better achieve the timeliness of data.

6.How does DeFinder find Smart money for users?

DeFinder has a professional strategy team to specialized study smart money. DeFinder uses intelligent algorithms and strategy analystic to filter out different categories of smart money for users. And users can also track the positions and transactios of smart money to find new investment opportunities.

DeFinder finds high profit, little bird, and experienced smart money for users.Now smart money has five categories: funds, high ROI, high profit, smart LP, and early bird, making it easy for users to view data on different address types.

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