Why observe the dynamics of early investors’ token holdings?

Early investors are the first users to pay attention to the project, accompany the project party to grow together, and know the most about the development of the project. At the same time, there may be roles such as "project staff", "early investors", and "market manipulator".

Observe the token holding dynamics of early investors. If a large number of early addresses are sold, it means that the confidence in the follow-up development of the project is insufficient, and the risk of continuing investment is relatively high. If the early addresses have not been sold, or even a large number of purchases have occurred, it means that the token may have an opportunity to rise.

How to observe the buying trend of newly added addresses?

Step 1. Enter the name of the token or contract address in the search bar to search, and select the corresponding token for token analysis.

Step 2. Find the data of the token holding address ranking in the data analysis, and click "View More" to view the complete token holding address ranking.

Step 3. In the token holding addresses ranking, sort and observe according to the "buy ranking". Observe the buying and selling data of users who are at the top of the buying ranking but have few coins to see if there is a large amount of selling recently.

Then click "Filter", select a personal address, and find out the major holders of the token based on the dimensions of Swap records, number of holdings, wallet assets, and total profit and loss. Finally, a "combined address alert" can be established for early large holders of tokens for real-time monitoring. If they start to sell slowly, there is a downside risk to watch out for.

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