Analyze the number of new addresses and the number of new buying addresses. If the net purchases of the new addresses are large, and the assets of the new addresses are also large. Then it means that the project is attracting big funds to enter the market, and the probability of continuing to rise in the future is relatively high.

If there are many new addresses and the net buying volume is small, it means that there are more retail investors entering the market. If the current token price rises more, we must pay attention to the risk of taking orders at a high level.

How to observe the net buying/selling data of the holding address?

Step 1. Enter the name of the token or contract address in the search bar to search, and select the corresponding token for token analysis.

Step 2. Then find the data of "New Buying Trend" in the data analysis, and observe the trend of new addresses and their net buying volume. Combined with the analysis of the asset analysis data of the newly added buying addresses in 24 hours, the more large-capital addresses bought, the greater the chance of subsequent rises.

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