Why observe historical trading data?

In the transaction history, according to the “filter”, you can view the data of the big sellers recently sold, and analyze the selling pressure. For example, if there is a recent record of large sales, and a large number of tokens are still held in their hands, it may become a selling pressure. Check the data of the big players who have recently bought, you can check the trading record and position cost of the other party, and analyze whether their investment is strong and whether it is worth following.

How to observe the transaction history of tokens?

Step 1. Enter the name of the token or contract address in the search bar to search, and select the corresponding token for token analysis.

Step 2. Click "Transaction History" to query the transaction records, LP records, transfer records, etc. of the token history.

Step 3. Use the “filter” to limit the conditions of "sold", "quantity" and other conditions, then search for the addresses that recently sold large amounts of tokens.

After filtering, hover the mouse over the address to view the remaining amount of coins held by the address. If an address keeps selling, and the remaining address holds a lot of token, it is very likely that the address will continue to sell in the future. Then we can establish an "alert" for the address to observe.

At the same time, we can also purchase large user addresses at one time through screening and query, monitor them, and then conduct comprehensive analysis in combination with other data.

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