Why observe the dynamic of manipulator’s token ?

When looking for a suspected market manipulator address, we can look at the LP ranking. Because the early liquidity of a new project is likely to be related to the project team or the market manipulator. they are not going to dump, then the probability of token price increase is higher.

Why observe the token holding dynamics of the manipulator address?

Step 1. Enter the name of the token or contract address in the search bar to search, and select the corresponding token for token analysis.

Step 2. Then Find the data of "LP Ranking" in Data Analysis, and click "View More" to view the complete LP ranking data.

Step 3. In the "LP Ranking" data, among the addresses with the highest proportion of LPs, check the other party's buying ranking, wallet assets, holding costs, etc., and find addresses that are suspected to be "market manipulator". If the other party's buying position is earlier, the holding cost is low, and the wallet assets are large, then the address has a high probability of being the "market manipulator" address.

Step 4. Click on the suspected address in the LP ranking, you can jump to the address analysis, and analyze the address in detail. In the address analysis, you can not only view the operation records of the other party, but also conduct a comprehensive analysis of the "potentially associated addresses" to see if there is a record of manipulating the project.

Finally, multiple addresses found suspected to be "a market manipulator" can be established as "combined addresses" for attention and "early warning" for real-time observation.

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