Why observe the cost and profit of big whale?

If the current holding cost of large token holders is not much different from the price of the token, then the current buying opportunity may be relatively large.

If the current large investor's position cost is very low and the profit is large, then the risk factor of entering the investment at this time is relatively high. We need to set an address alter for the addresses of large token holders. Once they sell, we can also sell them to prevent high-level orders.

How to observe the holding cost and profit of large investors?

Step 1. Enter the name of the token or contract address in the search bar to search, and select the corresponding token for token analysis.

Step 2. In the data analysis, look for the data of "token holding address ranking", click "View More" to view the complete token holding address ranking.

Step 3. In the token holding address ranking, first click "Filter", select a personal address, and find out the major token holders according to the dimensions such as Swap records, number of holdings, wallet assets, and total profit and loss. Then, observe the “holding cost” and “net profit from buying and selling”, and observe the dynamics of addresses with lower token holding costs for a comprehensive analysis.

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