Why do we need to research the financial strength of big funds/whales?

Normally, successful projects will be favored by many big funds/whales on it’s way to growth. Therefore, by investigating the financial strength of big funds/whales, we can preliminarily determine the degree of participation of the rich in the project. If there are many big whales participating in a project in the early stage, it means that many big funds are optimistic about the project, and the probability of successful investment will be higher and the risk will be lower.

How to observe the financial strength of big funds?

Step 1.Enter the name of the token or contract address in the search bar to search, and select the corresponding token for token analysis.

Step 2. In the data analysis, look for the data of "token holding address ranking", click "View More" to view the complete token holding address ranking.

Step 3.In the token holding addresses ranking, first select "Filter", select a personal address, and find out the major token holders according to the dimensions such as Swap records, number of holdings, wallet assets, and total profit and loss. Then you can sort and observe according to the "net assets of the wallet", and analyze the number and proportion of giant whales in large households.

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